Learn by having fun in the online camp. Program your own microcomputer, design in 3D, create applications and much more.

Do you want to be the next tech genius?

This program is specially designed for you, tech enthusiast! You’ll learn by doing small projects with your own Raspberry Pi, a microcomputer that allows you to create your own games and applications. Start to program, design in 3D and create applications with robots that you can control from your own phone.

Create technological solutions and become more resourceful and creative.

Obtain a wider view of technology and its uses.

Learn new ways to understand and use digital media in your daily basis.

What will you learn?

Program with Python

A programming language that allows you to create applications, games and much more.

Create mobile apps

Connect your Raspberry Pi to the apps you’ve created and use them in your phone to control and view results in real time.

Create robots

Use IoT sensors to connect robots and control their movements from your phone.

Design in 3D

Create exclusive models to make accessories that you can use in your everyday life.

Install your own OS

You will learn to install Linux,  the Operating System used by programmers.

More projects...

During the Summer Camp you’ll build a game console with thousands of games, a multimedia centre to watch movies on your own TV and use Minecraft Pi to create special game servers and modes in Minecraft.



By joining the program you’ll receive at home your own Raspberry Pi. You’ll be able to keep exploring technology once you’ve finished the tech camp.

Online classes from 10 a.m to 12:30 p.m.

What is a morning like in the Summer Camp?
Presentation of the day’s activity. Work in the online platform in groups or individually. Game break. End of the day’s activity and presentation of your creation to your colleagues.

All necessary material for the activities will be provided. Activities will be guided by teachers and Miyagis.
Immune Institute

Immune Institute


- Be 12 to 16 years old.
- Computer with internet connection.
- Google Chrome Browser installed.
- USB mouse and keyboard for the Raspberry Pi.
- Cable HDMI for the Raspberry Pi and a screen to connect it.


Learn to manage and program a computer with a Linux operating system.

Learn to identify the different parts of a robotic system and create home automation and robotic applications.

Explore new areas of technology (Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Video Games, App and Web Development...)

Develop a self-learning culture by using the resources available online.

Program with Python, a professional and highly demanded language.

Learn to program mobile apps with AppInventor.

Acquire skills to create technological solutions.

Immune Institute

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