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 Tech Genius

Especially for you, who are passionate about Technology. Enter the world of artificial intelligence, 3D printing, Big Data, Python, 5G and much more!

Start now to create technology.

Learn while having fun and develop projects thanks to your own Rasperry Pi, your own micro computer. Immerse yourself in the world of the Internet of Things (IoT), a technology with an incredible development and with a lot of applications in the real world. Find out how 5G technology is influencing IoT and will accelerate the digital transformation and the way we connect with the environment around us. Learn about: 3D Design, Cloud, Python Programming and much more!
Did you know that...? In six years there will be 41.6 billion IoT devices connected to the network.

Open Admissions

From October to June 2021

One day a week



Between 12 & 18 years old


Presencial / Online

What will you learn?

Use of Artificial Intelligence. Pre-trained neuronal networks.

Learn how to create mechanisms that you can control yourself from your devices.

Lighting, engine and other programming.

Imagine being able to control devices such as television, light and others from your mobile.

Programming with Python.

One of the programming languages with more uses, with it you can create apps, games and much more.

3D design.

Create models to make accessories that you can use in your daily life. The limit is your creativity.

Cybersecurity focused on IoT.

Learn how to protect your devices from being hacked, from Wifi to your Smart TV

Introduction to Big Data.

Discover the potential of data, collect, monitor and learn how to use it for projects.


Methodology 80%Practical and 20% Theory

  • Live classes from a virtual platform where your son can live a personalized experience and follow the course in an easy and comfortable way. .
  • Class schedule: one day a week from Monday to Friday, depending on the group.
  • Learning through projects and dynamic and fun activities for your child, previously explained by the teachers, who will solve any doubt the student may have.
  • Motivation through gamification, Each student has a profile and the teachers upload their achievements to the profile, as if it were a game! The achievements are reflected in the Diploma once the course is finished.
  • Immune Institute

    Immune Institute


  • Be between 10 and 18 years old.
  • Computer with Internet connection.
  • Google Chrome browser installed.
  • USB Mouse and Keyboard for Raspberry Pi
  • HDMI cable for the Raspberry Pi and a screen to connect it
  • The rest of the materials are sent to you by IMMUNE!
  • Levels/Groups

    They are divided by age and level of knowledge so they can make the most of the course.

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