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IMMUNE Technology Institute is a thriving community of learning and innovation at the forefront of technology education. Our approach to education breaks down the barriers of the traditional system to train new technology leaders.



IMMUNE Technology Institute emerges from the need to fill the gap of future-forward multidisciplinary professionals who can draw on the latest in human sciences and digital technologies to innovate and recode the future.
Unlike traditional schools, our programs are constantly evolving to keep pace with the dynamics of the modern workplace.
Immune Institute

Immune Institute


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At IMMUNE Technology Institute, we are catalysts for digital transformation. Our work takes into account the needs of the new socioeconomic paradigm to deliver business value and innovation.

Our aim is to go beyond the current framework of formal education developing a strong networking environment and exploring matters that go beyond technical knowledge, to enable our community to come up with unexpected and bold creative solutions Juan Riva. Founder and CEO of IMMUNE Technology Institute
Immune Filosofía


The digital world is constantly changing — and changing us. Our mission is to inspire a new generation of ethical entrepreneurs and critical thinkers fully invested in tackling today’s global challenges to build and secure a better future for all.


We have embraced a proactive approach to challenges that ignites our passion for technology and allow us to transform breakthrough ideas into innovation.


In contrast to the mass education model, we engage, inspire and prepare our students for success as we take into consideration their individual needs. Our goal is to release their full potential by leveraging their unique set of strengths, interests and aspirations.

Active Listening

As emerging technologies continue to impact the global economy, we strive to continually expand and refresh our programs to incorporate new trends and developments across our academic offerings.


We encourage limitless curiosity and proactive attitude. We want our students to follow their instincts while creating smart solutions.


Case to be solved

Instead of carrying out autopsy-like examinations on typical "case studies," we provide students with the opportunity to acquire work experience by tackling and developing clever solutions to real challenges provided by our corporate partners.

Learning by doing

We encourage our students to have a clear grasp of how technology impacts organizations and provide them with projects to help them turn intellectual understanding into actionable strategies.

Peer to Peer Learning

Professional success is deep-rooted in collaboration, openness, reciprocal relations and community, all of which is reflected in every step of the learning process.

Human sciences and Soft skills

Advances in technology force all of us to confront questions about what really means to be human. This is why all of our programs include 20 % of Human Sciences modules, so that we can expand understanding of the world through a broad interdisciplinary approach.

Continous Learning

Transformation is the only constant in technology. This is why we keep up to date our programs and maintain them at the forefront of the latest innovations and their applications.

Innovative assessment

Instead of traditional test scores, we measure success with performance-based feedback that provides meaningful and detailed insights on their progress.

Master enough

Our programs go beyond that of the typical academy experience. We dive deeper into different subjects to help students to emerge as well-rounded professionals, ready to take on the workforce.


We promote motivation as an engine of learning, bringing to the classes an agile learning dynamic. We encourage boundless curiosity, a proactive attitude, and nonconformity.


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