Secure Coding

The Secure Coding Bootcamp is a 40 hour on-site program aimed at any IT professional, with some experience, who wants to acquire or expand their knowledge in the area. However, due to its high degree of specialization, previous knowledge of programming is necessary, either in Web or native applications.



In-Person with live streaming


IMMUNE Campus: Paseo de la Castellana 89

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4 Weeks

Who is this program for?

Student profile

Designed for software, web and application developers, cloud architects, system and network designers.
  • This program is also ideal for non-coding profiles such as Technology Directors, CTO’s
  • Design and develop in a secure way
  • Learn about the vulnerabilities and main threats your systems or products can have
  • Up-skill by gaining deeper knowledge of c•
  • Solve a specific security problem of their company.
  • Immune Institute

    Immune Institute

    Companies profile

  • Any company of the 4.0 Industry or related that is aware of the high financial risk that represents not to develop its products or systems in a secure way.
  • Companies that are looking to ensure their IT and Development teams design and code with pioneering and secure techniques.
  • CTO or CEO that is looking to better understand the vulnerabilities of its company and learn how to protect its business.
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    What will you learn?

    Learn how to identify vulnerabilities that affect code. Develop the skills to face different hacking problems in which you have to defend and protect security systems.

    Discover how to respond to a cyber breach and can identify forensic techniques to understand the incident.

    Immune Institute


    Learning by Doing

    Distributed in 4 modules, you will learn the foundations, the main failures of the misuse of Cryptography and apply secure coding techniques from the design up to the coding phase

    Case to be Solved

    From beginning to end of the program, you will develop an application, on which you will test and apply all the techniques of the courses.

    Human Sciences

    The IMMUNE methodology goes beyond technology and includes a Human Sciences perspective with aspects such as Data Visualization and Presentation Skills.



    This module introduces basic concepts on secure development, such as vulnerability analysis, SecDevOps, Threat Modeling and the OWASP methodology. These concepts will be used as a basis throughout the course.


    Financial Aid

    We offer credit lines and scholarships for students who may need them. We also offer financial aid for early registration under full payment.

    IMMUNE collaborates with several companies to enhance talent in technological skills. We offer aid alternatives for groups and training under agreement with companies. Posibility of allowance through FUNDAE . Our advisors may inform you about the most appropriate for your case.

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