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The Campus

We can tell you about it, but until you experience it in person you won’t have a true idea. Our campus is a Tech Hub with its own pulse. 2000 m2 of Silicon Valley-style technological oasis in Madrid, but even more vibrant. Here our community comes to life, ideas and creativity sparkle, and projects are forged together. 

Don’t think twice, come and see us.

Tour virtual

Perhaps we are a little insistent, but we are excited about our Campus! That's why we insist that you come and meet us in person. We organize events to learn about technology trends every week, and we’re pretty up-to-speed with everything. But, if you live far away or prefer the virtual world, we have also created an immersive experience.

*Instructions: Browse using the cursors. It is a virtual reality experience, 100% real. 


A multidisciplinary space where knowledge is shared and transferred. Technology, science and humanities events occur here.

Tech Lab

The place where machines and humans meet to create. Robots, 3D printers, and state-of-the-art tools.

Coworking Fish Tanks

Private rooms for teamwork. Our fish tanks provide a private space for collaboration on projects.

Coworking Areas y Aulas

Open and common spaces for co-working. The energy that flows through our spaces brims with ideas and solutions.

Paseo de la Castellana 89, 28046 Madrid

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