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Service Design Course

Live online classes
October, 2024
8 weeks (48h)
Monday and Wednesday from 19:00 to 22:00. Live classes

This intensive course will teach you how to design, coordinate and optimize services that not only satisfy user needs, but also generate value for organizations. The course ranges from theoretical foundations to practical applications, including identifying and analyzing touchpoints, creating memorable user experiences, and implementing continuous improvement strategies. This course will prepare you to face the challenges of service design in the real world.

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Why this course?

  • Specific methods and tools: Students learn about and acquire a set of proven service design methods and tools, such as customer journey maps, service blueprints, and rapid prototyping, which will enable them to systematically address design challenges.
  • Data and evidence analysis: Students learn how to collect and analyze data to support design decisions. This includes the use of user research techniques, surveys, and analysis of key metrics to continually improve services.
  • Service design project management: Students obtain skills in managing specific service design projects, including coordinating multidisciplinary teams, planning design phases, and executing deliverables.
  • Integration with technology: You will understand how to integrate emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and automation, into service design to improve efficiency and user experience.
  • For UX/UI designers, product managers, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in improving the quality and efficiency of an organization's services. It is advisable to have basic knowledge of design and user experience but is not essential.
Course aims
  • Understanding the fundamental concepts of Service Design.
  • Identifying and analyzing service touchpoints.
  • Designing user-centered service experiences.
  • Implementing continuous improvement strategies in the provision of services.
Professional competencies of the course

On completion of this Service Design course, students will be equipped to conduct in- depth user research, create detailed experience maps, and prototype user-centric services. They will also acquire skills in project management and measuring service effectiveness through KPIs, all while fostering effective communication and collaboration across multidisciplinary teams.


  • Live classes
  • Practical tasks
  • Case studies y un proyecto final
  • End-of-course project covering all aspects of the course and weekly assessments.
Outstanding Mentors


Raúl Marín
Raúl Marín

UX/UI Design Area Director

Olga Muñoz
Olga Muñoz

UX/UI Design Bootcamp Lecturer

*We are always on the lookout for the best professionals in the sector, so the team may vary from one edition of the course to another

Study Plan

Study Plan

Service Design

Week 1 Introduction to service design
Week 2 User research and analysis
Week 3 Mapping user experience
Week 4 Touchpoint design
Week 5 Service prototyping
Week 6 Deployment and scaling
Week 7 Metrics and KPIs
Week 8 End-of-course project and presentation

End-of-course project

*The academic program may be subject to changes in line with the changing demand for specific skills in the market. Your employability is our goal.
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