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Young Immuners Extracurricular Activities

On-campus / Online classes live
9 months
Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday from 17:30 to 19:00.
October, 2024

Ages and levels: Groups by age (From 10 to 18) and 3 levels (Newbie, Intermediate, and Advanced).

Skills: The core areas are programming, electronics, artificial intelligence (AI) and video games.

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Our extracurricular activities promote interest and understanding of STEM subjects and professions from a young age.

‘Young Immuners’ is a technological extracurricular program aimed at bringing children and young people closer to the world of programming, AI, electronics, video games, or cybersecurity. It also develops soft skills such as teamwork or communication.


More than 5,500 students in extracurricular activities.


Programming, electronics, video games and audiovisual design.


Active experts who have carried out cutting-edge ideas or inventions.


Technological campus with state-of-the-art materials and electronic devices.

Study Plan

Study Plan

Have fun while learning and working on team projects. Immerse yourself in the technologies of the future and lead the digital transformation.

Newbie Level (Ages 10 to 13)

This first level offers an introduction to the world of technology: electronics, programming, cloud and computer vision. Participants are taken through block programming (Scratch), virtual laboratories, Raspberry Py, electronics and much more.

  • Raspberry Pi Introduction to the Raspberry environment and looking into basic features.
  • LogiSchool Promoting abstract thinking by developing video games and applications through block programming (Scratch).
  • Electronics Learn the basics of electronics by programming basic components.
  • CloudLabs Virtual laboratories where students learn about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)
  • The Maker Culture Developing an electronics and computer vision project with OpenCV, integrating everything students have learned.
  • End-of-course project Creating and presenting a final project.
Intermediate Level (Ages 14 to 15)

Immersion into the world of technology by creating video game and bot projects, electronics with advanced functionalities and Raspberry Pi, virtual laboratories and much more.

  • Advanced Raspberry Pi Exploring the Raspberry environment and using advanced features.
  • Python & Advanced Electronics Programming and use of electronic components in more complex projects.
  • Awareness Raising awareness of the use of technology and social networks.
  • PyGame Complex video game programming.
  • CloudLabs Virtual laboratories where students learn about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
  • The Maker Culture Developing an electronics and computer vision project with OpenCV, integrating everything students have learned.
  • Advanced Bots Learning how to operate and create complex bots
  • End-of-course project Creating and presenting a final project.
Advanced level (Ages 15 to 18)

Introduction to Data Science and Software Development. This level takes a deeper look into earlier topics and adds a layer of difficulty in the most in-demand areas of technology.

  • Python & Git Creating your programming environment and online repository.
  • Advanced PyGame Creating video games with PyGame
  • Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Chatbot.
  • Cybersecurity The basics of cybersecurity.
  • Flask Framework for simple creation of web applications.
  • Jinja2 Web templating engine
  • End-of-course project Creating and presenting a final project.
*The academic program may be subject to changes in line with the changing demand for specific skills in the market. Your employability is our goal.
We promote soft skills

Self-learning and innovation

Students are given additional resources to explore and to discover that technology knows no limits.


Mentoring programs offer students the chance to meet classmates of other levels and ages.

Social skills

Students present their projects after completing each module.

Abstract thinking

The course helps encourage abstract thinking through programming and electronics.


Creative thinking is also encouraged so students are building beyond the confines of the classroom.


Students work together on team projects in each of the modules.


Healthy competition is nurtured with events such as hackathons and presentation galas.
Additional activities

Techie escape room

Youngster will be able to enhance their strategic skills and teamwork.

IMMUNE Olympics

Ping pong, table football or mini golf tournaments for team building.

Expo projects

Students develop presentation skills through the presentation of technological projects.

Treasure hunt

We turn the Google Maps app into an exciting challenge.


The fun doesn’t isn’t confined to a computer screen: It wouldn’t be a summer camp without outdoor activities:

  • Tabletop games
  • Yincana techie
  • Visual ride
  • DIY contest

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