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Blockchain in the Legal Sector

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Edition II. One of our core principles is to be at the forefront of technology, which is why this second edition of the course has been enhanced with the inclusion of emerging technologies.

Technology has taken over everything and everyone. Blockchain is creating new opportunities for legal professionals. From smart contracts and transactions to the streamlining of legal processes, blockchain has many implications in this sector. Enter the world of blockchain, discover how it works, the benefits it offers and its applications in the legal profession.

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Study Plan

Study Plan

With the help of leading experts in legal technology, you will be able to successfully lead the digitalization processes in your company, making your businesses and projects more efficient through blockchain.

We provide you with the tools you need to write simple smart contract codes.

1. Blockchain - Introduction and Basic Concepts
  1. Introduction
  2. Cryptography concepts.
  3. History and introduction to Blockchain.
  4. Types of networks, use cases, blockchain ecosystem, etc.
  5. SmartContracts, including practical implementations of NFT's, notarization and cryptotoken.
2. Blockchain and the Legal Sector
  1. The entrepreneur’s perspective
  2. Use cases in the legal sector.
  3. Blockchain regulation and regulatory framework.
  4. Regulations, recommendations, legally-binding advice, rulings and orders.
  5. European regulation on cryptoassets.
  6. MICA law
  7. Current Blockchain issues: cybersecurity, legal issues, etc.
  8. Crytpo scams.
  9. The Auditor's perspective (auditing blockchain-based companies).
3. Advanced blockchain
  1. Tokenization and DeFi.
  2. Digital identity.
  3. Data protection law and blockchain.
  4. How to specialize in blockchain
  5. Does ethics have a place in blockchain?
  6. Artificial Intelligence and other complementary technologies.
*The academic program may be subject to changes in line with the changing demand for specific skills in the market. Your employability is our goal.
Outstanding Mentors


Alexander Herranz

Innovation Manager & Web3 Engineer

Óscar López

CEO en UBT Legal & Compliance y Laworatory

Cristina Villasante

Partner at ECIJA Law and Technologies IT/IP in ECIJA

*We are always on the lookout for the best professionals in the sector, so the team may vary from one edition of the course to another

Academic Information

At a time when technological advances are part of everyday life, blockchain facilitates solutions, applications and the development of completely new business models.

Understanding this technology is essential in both public and private sectors, not to mention start-ups.

Blockchain is probably the technology that has the greatest disruptive capacity that we have seen over the last few decades. The emergence of this technology is currently being compared to the advent of the Internet. Most sectors will be affected by blockchain technology, and it is already happening in sectors such as distribution and financial services.

The legal sector will be one of those areas that will no doubt benefit most from this technology. It entails a significant reduction in costs, both economic and human, in effort and in time.

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We get the leading companies in the sector involved in the creation of programs to offer the most up-to-date training in touch with business reality.

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