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Holistic Development for Gifted Individuals Course

Presencial + Online
October 21, 2024
17:00 a 20:00h.

Despite their undeniable ability, gifted people face unique obstacles that can prevent their success and harm their well-being. Such people suffer high rates of failure, both in the social and professional spheres. Why do people with so much potential often find themselves struggling to achieve success?

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Why this course?

The answer to this question lies in the complex relation between intellectual brilliance and the personal resources needed to succeed in a world driven by human relationships and collaboration. Gifted people, with their focus on analytical thinking and cognitive depth, may experience difficulties dealing with the complexities of social interactions and teamwork. Our course, ‘Holistic Development for Gifted Individuals’ stems from this reality. Designed with the aim of addressing the specific needs of this exceptional group of people, this course offers a unique opportunity to explore the problems these people encounter and find different solutions that aid improved personal and professional performance.
Course aims
  1. Facilitate the development of cognitive and emotional skills for gifted people.
  2. Improve the ability to interact effectively in social and working environments.
  3. Promote leadership, collaboration and teamwork in high-performance scenarios.
  4. Explore key concepts of social psychology and intervention strategies for personal and professional development.
  5. Explore the role of technology and specialized training to aid the personal and professional development of gifted people.
Outstanding Mentors


Javier Recuenco

CEO & Founder | Director of the Complex Problem Solving in Technology Course

Raúl Alelú

Scientist associate professor | Co-Founder & CEO

*We are always on the lookout for the best professionals in the sector, so the team may vary from one edition of the course to another

Study Plan

Study Plan

Session 1: Introduction
  • The problem of giftedness in the workplace
  • Giftedness in the history of human transformation
  • Dynamics and learning to maximize the potential of gifted individuals
Session 2: The Pathway
  • Why are we here? Exploring the common social challenges faced by gifted individuals.
  • Is there a common path for all gifted individuals?
  • What do we understand by intelligence?
Session 3: My Way of Understanding the World
  • Perception vs Reality: Identifying the barriers to social interaction and teamwork.
  • How does the group influence me? Analysis of the ways in which we make decisions.
  • My place in the world: Am I the same person in all contexts?
  • Group dynamics and me.
Session 4: Descartes' Error
  • Thought, emotion and behavior (or ‘Why I am able to solve complex problems yet struggle to maintain a relationship’).
  • Experiencing emotion.
  • Motivation and emotion.
Session 5: Triumph of the Mediocre
  • Why are mediocre people so successful? Is it possible to achieve success without being mediocre? Analysis of the alternatives.
  • Intelligence and leadership.
  • Conflict management and negotiation.
  • My empathy, that great unknown entity.
Session 6: My Opportunity
  • Learning to know myself.
  • Techniques for managing stress and anxiety.
  • Implementation of learned strategies in a variety of contexts.
Session 7: Giftedness and the Workplace
  • Highly demanding working environments for gifted individuals.
  • Complex Problem Solving as a professional opportunity.
  • Technology training as a tool for creating opportunities.
  • Mechanics and techniques to reinforce the teachings of the course and their application in the real world.

*Teachers will select the students

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