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We believe that knowledge on cutting-edge technologies is inside companies, in their talented professionals. This is why, corporations, mid-size companies, and startups are in the heart of what we do.

Ways in which we collaborate with companies, startups and institutions

Your talent recruitment, engagement and development partner

Choose the best program to develop talent inside your organization. Find new talented professionals for your technology teams. IMMUNE offers an ecosystem of collaboration and growth to generate synergies and connect to a vibrant community of technology experts.

Bootcamps for technology professionals Intensive training based on cases-to-be-studied and lectures from professionals.

Executive programs Covers cutting-edge technologies, its practical impact and implementation in businesses.

Programs for Management Board Designed for Boards, to embrace the role of technology in driving new opportunities, business models and revenue sources.

Customized training and onboarding training Tailor made developed programs that adapt to your organization’s specific needs.

Fill in your vacancies Share your company’s job opportunities by posting them in our students and tech community.

Career Fair Meet prepared professionals with top training in new technologies for your company.

Internships Incorporate students specialized in technologies such as cybersecurity, programming and data science through our internship program.

Recruitment activities Our technology expertise makes us the perfect partner to help you identify and recruit the best talent in technology.

Teachers & speakers Connect to a vibrant community by participating as professors and invited experts in our courses.

IMMUNE Dialogues: Inspiring women in tech We bring together recognized women professionals in technology fields in our IMMUNE Dialogue events, in our commitment to decrease the existing gender gap.

Hackathons and activities Participate in hackathons, workshops, competitions, conferences and much more to strengthen relationships and share experiences with young talent.

Student projects Present a challenge your organization is facing for our students to find and present to you creative solutions.

Our Partners

IMMUNE builds on collaborations to establish unique relationships with our corporate partners. Come and join us! Contact us directly. If you would like to know more about our services for companies and institutions, we would be happy to help. Ana Rivas - Corporates Manager 911 238 346

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