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Code Your Future - Informative Session of the Computer Entrepreneurship Program

Today, there are 900,000 unfilled technological jobs in the European Union. These jobs are the most demandedr by companies such as Google, Tesla or Amazon and by startups with more potential.

If you want to change the world through technology ... why don't you take advantage of it? It is time to develop your potential. The code age has come.

IMMUNE Coding Institute invites you to Code Your Future. We want to introduce you to our Computer Entrepreneurship Program (CEP), an extraordinary three-year training program that begins in September in Madrid. Come and get to know in detail our methodology, advantages of being part of the technological ecosystem with the greatest potential in Europe and the program to train the best coders.

Academic directors will be present to explain the content of this degree and resolve all doubts you may have. Do not miss this session on September 11.

If you want to attend with a friend or family member, you only have to add the total number of attendees when booking your place. Send an email to to confirm your attendance.

Join the future!

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