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If you aspire to be a top notch programmer, IMMUNE Coding Institute wants you on our team.

IMMUNE is looking for highly-determined candidates that dare to be different. You would need to take risks, have a wholly unique vision and strive to become #1 in coding.

We believe the best coders don’t belong to a certain age or background, and they don't need special certifications or grades. This is why our applications are open to anyone. You just need to sign up for the next admission process.

Our admission process is based on candidates’ aptitudes, meaning no previous experience or knowledge in programming is required.

The IMMUNE admission process is structured into two stages:


We will welcome you into your first taste of the IMMUNE experience, where you will need to complete a series of challenging but rewarding tasks. You will be confronted with time-based online tests that measure your competences in problem-solving, memory and logic, amongst others.


These challenges are designed to evaluate your programming abilities, reveal your unique personality, get to know your adaptability in different situations, see how you work with peers, and various other tasks.

Don’t worry if you don’t have programming experience. Teamwork, resilience and adaptability are just as important as coding in our admission process - because that’s what the real world is looking for.