What is coding?

Coding is what makes it possible for us to create computer software, apps and websites. Your browser, your OS, the apps on your phone, Facebook, and this website – they’re all made with code.

What do I get certified for?

We deliver our own certificate for all programs (papel and digital).In the current and future world of work, most companies and recruiters focus more on a candidate’s actual skills than on having an official degree. Technical tests, in-person interviews, and how a candidate fits into the company culture are all better indicators of a person’s abilities than a degree, especially in the tech industry.
Successful students will receive a certificate and diploma once they have completed their training, as well as proof of any internships completed.

What are the differences and advantages of IMMUNE's programs compared to traditional IT degrees?

At IMMUNE, it’s our methodology that makes us different. We’re pioneers in an engaging methodology that is 100% practical, hands-on, peer-based. In contrast with traditional institutions, at IMMUNE you won’t be sitting down comfortably - you will be actually programming, learning by doing. There are no traditional professors at IMMUNE; instead, we provide guides and mentors that will help you to accomplish your tasks.
In addition to this, IMMUNE makes sure you’re exposed to the labor market and real world of work, right from the beginning. You’ll have the possibility to do internships practically from day one. IMMUNE also helps you round-out your technical education with a Humanities program, designed to prepare you to use your programming skills in a corporate environment. You won’t just be a skilled coder, you’ll also have the solid business and social skills needed to be a top employee.





How I can enroll in these programs?

Acceptance is based on the admission process

What does the online test consist of?

Each student will be faced with online multiple-choice questions, which will evaluate their overall fluid reasoning and cognitive ability.
Requirements such as a certain grade or GPA, specific undergraduate degrees, language certificates or level of knowledge/training are not necessary.

If I don’t pass the first phase, can I still go onto the presencial challenges?

No. You have to be successful in the first phase (online test) to be able to progress to the second stage (Live Qualifier Event). There is only one chance to pass the online test, so you really need to make sure you’re ready and have everything you need to complete it. Remember there is limited time to do so - 45 minutes!

I have finished registration. What are the next steps?

Check out our admission process to know all the details about what you have to do next.

Do I need to have an certificate confirming of my level of English?

It is not necessary to have a specific certificate, but it is recommended that you have a competence in English equivalent to C1 because all classes are taught in English.




What is the official language of the programs?

Because English is the global language in business and coding, we provide all of our academic content in this language. Our first call is in January 2019, so you have plenty of time before then to improve your English level if you are concerned about this matter!

What are the branches of technology I will be skilled for?

You will be familiar with different programming languages, software architecture, data modeling, user experience, coding, testing, shipping, etc. Your journey at IMMUNE will include a training in coding from the beginning of times up to what's new nowadays. Our added value is that you will learn how to solve problems using technologies that still don't exist.

What type of programs are available?

We have 3 different programs : 3-year degrees, 3-month bootcamps, and 3-week executive programs.


Is it possible to do this degree while also doing another degree or course?


Our doors are open 24/7! This means you will be able to learn at your own pace and perhap you can manage to find some time to combine your training with other studies. However, our programs are challenging and our longest degree is estimated to be completed in 3 years if you work on a full-time basis.




Will I find a job after finishing the degree?

At IMMUNE, we do everything we can to provide our students with the tools necessary to be a top professional in the field of ICT. This includes collaborating with companies and entrepreneurs to allow students to gain experience or do internships.

Will the program help me with networking and making business contacts in the ICT industry?

Since technology is increasingly transversal, we have agreements with companies from a variety of sectors, where you will be able to do internships, gain experience and make business contacts. During your 3-year training at IMMUNE, you will have plenty of opportunities to take part in internships and get in touch with professionals from diverse sectors.

What professional opportunities does this qualification give me access to?

This qualification reflects the training in competencies that are among the most demanded by companies from multiple sectors. Therefore, the professional opportunities are very wide, taking into account that no qualification is required for these professions. Moreover, our goal at IMMUNE is to provide a lifelong learning. This means you will not only learn about coding languages, but also about applying your knowledge and solving problems in future scenarios.





What's the price for each program?

Each program has a different price. However, thanks to the existing agreements with IMMUNE's partner-companies, students involved in the business entrepreneurship degree will enjoy a partial or total subsidy, depending on their academic performance.





If there are no professors, who teaches? How can you guarantee learning and results?

There are no teachers in the traditional sense, but there is an impressive team of instructors that designs the content and supervises the learning process.

How's the working methodology?

At IMMUNE, every student works individually and the execution of each challenge is corrected by a peer. The team of instructors supervises both the execution and the corrections, scoring both students.
Sometimes, there are challenges that must be solved in a group. In those cases, groups will be composed randomly or by choice, depending on the challenge.

Are there specific subjects? What is the academic program?

There are no subjects but challenges at IMMUNE. Our computer entrepreneurship degree has a complete academic program that consists of 80% content related to computer science, and 20% content related to business, humanities and social sciences.

Is it an online or an in-person model?

We believe that by being in touch with your peers every day, you will be able to make the most of your training at IMMUNE. This is why all of our programs are designed to be taken in-person. The IMMUNE Coding Institute is located in the very heart of Madrid, a place where your ideas can flow freely.

What classes are available during the year and when does the academic year start?

There are different calls during the year, so you can start your program at IMMUNE whenever you feel ready to do so. We recommend you stay tuned and don't miss your chance to join us. For more information, check out our programs.

Who are the mentors?

There are two main figures in IMMUNE. On one hand, there are is an instructor assigned to each student. This person will accompany the candidate during their journey at IMMUNE and solve any academic question they may have. On the other hand, there is a student coach that will be at each group's disposal to solve any bureaucratic or non-academic issues.

Are there tutorials and exams?


There are not exams, the evaluation is done through challenges.