“Marketing and communications is the growth engine to exponential opportunities”.

You will provide support with marketing and communication activities for the Institute in a dynamic environment. Within your daily activities are:

  • Contact and organize participation at trade fairs and events to support the sales team.

  • Manage internal events for all programs and activities on campus. 

  • Carry out tasks via web, social, advertising, email, design, photography and other tools/strategies necessary for an effective marketing and communications program. 

  • Provide marketing communications support with an emphasis on social media, email and mobile marketing, display. 

  • Assisting with weekly and monthly reports on web traffic, advertising and social media. 

  • Set up and manage newsletter amd emailing campaigns.

  • Develop and update support materials for sales team (eg. merchandising, print,  presentations, etc).

  • Deliver materials for events to locations within and out of the campus. 

  • Manage and answer all questions, applications and complaints from clients.

  • Carry out market research, analyse data and bring conclusions for effective decision making.


  • Coming up with new ideas for content creation, identification of key message and stakeholders, communication channels, etc.

  • Creating concepts to develop marketing and communication campaigns.

  • Understanding customers, client orientated.

  • Exceptional communication and collaboration skills to work in teams.

  • Excellent capacity in organizing time and tasks to ensure its execution and follow up.


  • Undergraduate degree in Journalism, Advertising, Marketing or related

  • Some relevant experience in marketing, publicity or communication areas.

  • Fluent in reading, writing and speaking English.

  • Can-do attitude!


We offer the candidate to join with an internship a groundbreaking technology Institute in a starting face momentum that -while being a challenge, it is also an amazing opportunity. We will support business freedom and disruptive mentalities understanding the organization constraints, but with the willingness to -jointly, challenge these constraints to help in our building and growth.

We offer high visibility and the possibility to lead strong initiatives, coordinated with the IMMUNE team. We are going to share a state-of-the art technology evolution, where our solutions are leveraging the most innovative educational techniques.

We offer an opportunity of growth within the organization.


Full time – Mondays to Thursdays from 09:30 to 18:30, Fridays from 9 to 15:00.

Part time - To be determined.

Duration: 4 months or longer

Mandatory internship agreement with your university.

IMMUNE Coding Institute is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

If interested, please submit your CV to: