Future, is here. Where do you want to go in your professional career? Where do you believe your limit is? Get ready to be IMMUNE and fulfill all your goals.


Everything you’ll ever need related to your life at IMMUNE will be located in your Virtual Campus. Log in to your profile and have full access to all the services and advantages IMMUNE offers. From Canvas and student services, down to the employment portal, everything one click away.  


An area dedicated exclusively to all your needs as a student at IMMUNE. Access services designed to power your growth and make you a unique and attractive individual in the marketplace.


Turning you into an experienced professional with the best qualifications is our main goal. So much so that we know you’ll be able to choose where and what you want to do in the future. Access our employment portal and take a look at all the open possibilities.

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Are you unsure about what steps to take in the future? Never let uncertainty paralyse you and book one of our coaching sessions.  Our career services team will evaluate your interests, expectations, abilities and whole situation to come up with ideas and solutions to power the launch of your professional career.

CV/GitHub revision session

Make use of our career services to make your CV irresistible to any prospective company. Same goes to your GitHub profile. Get assessment on how to properly present your achievements, understand what could be missing, and be able to project all your potential.

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Mock Interviews

We will train you to perfect your technique and understand the keys to a flawless interview. It is of outstanding importance to build up confidence and stay away from nerves getting the best of you and hindering performance.


Are you looking for a place to stay in Madrid? Thanks to our trusted partner MadridEasy – Alquiler de alojamientos para estudiantes, you'll receive the best help and advice for finding your ideal home while staying at IMMUNE.

Immune Institute

Language Centre

We are very aware of the acute need of a proficient english level in the tech world and beyond. Apply to our language centre and get quality reinforcement in this essential language for an affordable price.


Access all materials from your different knowledge blocks. Present assessments and get feedback from your teachers and Miyagis. Communicate with them and other peers via forums and chat. Use it with your phone via app. Many features will be available with your IMMUNE Canvas. 

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Contact our office services to sort any query or need you may have. We are always available to help you with whatever you may need (IMMUNE card, lockers, computers, IT help, and more...).




Make use of your Gmail account for all your activities related to IMMUNE. It comes totally integrated with CANVAS for agile workflow.

Meet & Chat

Limitless videoconferencing and calls will be available with your IMMUNE account. Work with teams or peers from anywhere and any device. Don’t let distance stop your progression.


Make use of your IMMUNE Google Calendar to schedule team work, events, and one to one sessions with teachers and Miyagis. It comes fully integrated with zoom and Canvas.. 

Docs, spreadsheets and slides

Collaborate with your peers in projects in real time, and get notifications when new changes have been made. Create, visualize and edit slides, documents, and spreadsheets online or offline, and download them in any format you may need. 


Make use of your Gmail account for all your activities related to IMMUNE. It comes totally integrated with CANVAS for agile workflow.


You will be provided with all the necessary tools and lessons to acquire the most in demand certifications for companies. You’ll acquire all needed abilities to demonstrate and certify that you are in fact a valuable professional with extensive knowledge in various vanguarding areas.


Economical barriers should never impede talent growth. You’ll have various financing options and a complete scholarship plan available to suit your particular situation.

Masters Scholarships Plan

Bachelor Scholarship Plan