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Innovative training sessions on new technologies. Created especially for those teachers who aim to inspire their students in digital change. These sessions are certified by the Ministry of Education of the Community of Madrid. They have expert guests involved in different exponential technologies, as well as activities directly related to the STEAM areas.

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Digitalization will create more than 1,250,000 jobs in Spain 

  • There is a very large gap between the actual needs of the corporate world and attitudes taught in traditional academic institutions.
  • The number of students enrolled in technical careers has dropped by 28% in recent years, with the trend being more significant in females (33% girls vs. 26% boys).
  • It is estimated that by 2020, technology occupations will grow by 14%, as opposed to the 3% expected in other areas.
  • 53% of companies searching for IT talent find it difficult to identify profiles that have the necessary training to integrate into their staff.

Immune Team

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We help your students to discover how to change the world through technology

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