Your future begins here, start to program. Learn Python the programming language most uses in the last years. Take a step forward with this free and 100% online course.


Discover Python to start your journey in the Tech world in an approachable way.

Aimed at young tech passionates

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Benefits for the student

Start to learn from your level of experience

Start your Python adventure depending on your level and pace you prefer. This is both for those who have never done it or for those who are looking for a little more difficulty.

Choose When, How and Where

Total access to the platform with all videos and explications you need. You choose where and when you want to watch the content and learn Python. It’s always available for you.

Content with Unlimited Access

Watch the videos as many times as you want, with nolimit. Don't miss anything!

Tutorized and with weekly mentored

Weekly mentoring with your Miyagi, an academic tutor, who will solve all your doubts.

Choose your level and boost your future

You choose the starting point. You don't need any previous knowledge on coding. Do you want to guess your level?

Level 1

From zero to hero, begin by coding games & basic projects. Go!

Basic Python

Level 2

If you have developed something before, begin by this level. You'll love it!

Intermediate Python

Level 3

Once you have completed the levels 1 & 2 get in touch with our team. You'll be explained our Data Science Master. Only for experts!

Advanced Python

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