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IMMUNE Technology is a state-of-the-art learning community that prepares top IT professionals and entrepreneurs, ranging from young students to business-savvy computer scientists who wish to further their expertise.

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Do you want to be updated on the latest in the technological and scientific world? At IMMUNE Campus we hold events every week with experts and leaders from different industries ... Take a look at the calendar and sign up!
25Sep 18:00
Open day Young Immuners  

Open day Young Immuners

Alai Blanco, Digital Girl of the Year 2019 y uno de los mejores jóvenes talentos de la tecnología en España.

30Sep 18:30
Sesión Informativa Máster Ciberseguridad  

Sesión Informativa Máster Ciberseguridad

Enrique Serrano, Director Académico del Máster de Ciberseguridad

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