Be a changemaker and experience the power of programming. A program where you are the owner of your professional development. The IMMUNE Computer Entrepreneurship Program provides you with the resources and tools to acquire a deep understanding in software engineering, as you fuel and develop life lasting skills. Initiate your own learning path.


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Previous requirements | None

Duration | 3 years aprox.

Location | Madrid Campus

Language | English

* Those under 16 years old need authorization from their legal guard/parent before applying.

The Computer Entrepreneurship Program is a unique program where students learn in a professional environment, through intensive training, hands on experience, peer- learning and mentoring from leading companies. We provide with a cutting-edge curriculum responsive to today’s needs.  

An intensive learning program for those willing to change the world with technology.

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The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
— Alan Kay




Professional performance occurs in a global, interconnected and constantly changing world. The rate of change is faster now than what we have experienced during the last 100 years. For this reason, the market demands professionals that not only adapt to change but thrive it. A combination of transversal skills and specific training today is fundamental.

The Computer Entrepreneurship Program gives students the power of leading their own learning path.  




The program is project based, with an approximate timeframe to complete activities.  Students decide when they want to code, we are flexible, our campus is open 24/7, 365 days a year.




Similarly to a professional environment, we provide students with the tools and resources to solve problems but they are autonomous rather than guided in its resolution. Students leverage their learning with their own experience, by building their own solutions from scratch.




Incredible results appear when great minds are put together which is why we involve peer learning in activities throughout the program. There is no competition in IMMUNE but a full energy of collaboration and co-creation. Great talent is in the seat right next to you so we encourage students to ask their peers and exchange knowledge to obtain excellent results.




Rather than teachers, coaching and mentorship to enhance learning is guided by our Jedis. Jedis monitor students learning progression, ensure activities are adequately designed and that students are provided with the support and reorientation they need during the program.  




Turning ideas into viable solutions, developing critical thinking, problem solving, business strategy and communication skills are fundamental in today’s world. Our program develops these skills with a range of activities, specifically assigning 20% of the syllabus based on humanities and social sciences.



Each student advances in their own learning path at their own pace. We have estimated on average a duration of 3 years. This includes 3 blocks of 4 month internships throughout the program on which students are dedicated to real projects.

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Madrid, January 2019


Our objective is to make the program 100% sponsored by completing each block successfully in cooperation with our internships partners. The yearly price is of 10.200€/year, monthly payments. For now, we promise to refund the whole amount to the 10% of the students. The criteria are based on meritocracy and progress.

Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they are basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they´ll do wonderful things with them.
— Steve Jobs


No previous requirements: Equal opportunities for everyone, we do not ask for previous experience, grades or recommendations.

Based upon meritocracy: Admissions are based upon performance on the admission process. Agility, learning pace, creativity, teamwork, flexibility, resilience, amongst others are measured during the process to make the best fit.

To access the Computer Entrepreneurship Program, the unique requirements are to succeed in the admission process

The admission process consists of a set of activities which are designed to evaluate your programming abilities, adaptability, see how you work with peers, and various other tasks.





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