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Deep into blockchain technology, know how it works, what benefits it has and its application in the legal field. A program aimed at professionals in the legal and risk sector.

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November 5


In-Person with live streaming


IMMUNE Campus: Paseo de la Castellana 89

4 Weeks

40 Hours

Part Time - Fridays


This program is aimed at legal professionals seeking to understand blockchain technology, its limitations, applications, and business potential from a legal perspective. Among our students there are:

  • Lawyers, Notaries, Property Registrars and other professionals in the legal field who work in offices, legal firms and public administrations

  • Consultants and auditors who give advice and collaborate with companies or projects within the legal area.

  • In-company lawyers, focused on advising and implementing projects of emerging technologies and blockchain.
  • Immune Institute



    Get to know the experience of the Executive students in Blockchain in Legal!

    “I decided to study this Executive of IMMUNE for its model and its academic program, which combines blockchain in the legal sector. I was immersed in a program with Smart Contracts and it was fundamental. "

    Jorge Belart - Founder & CEO | Insight BMC

    “It is not only the facilities and the location, but also the professionals and teachers at the center. The methodology they use and the technological platform. ”

    Daniel Solís - Legal Director | Grupo de Gestión de Deudas Laria


    Quality Partners

    We involve high level companies in the creation of the programs so that they are up to date and aligned with the demands of the sector.

    Resolutive and practical approach

    A learning dynamic in which practice is a fundamental axis, working on real scenarios from day one.

    Thinking beyond the scientific

    Union of humanities and technology to understand the real applications and capabilities of technological advances.

    First level academic team

    Involved in the emerging initiatives of the sector.


    1. Blockchain Fundamentals and Basic Tools

    • 1. Technical introduction to Blockchain technology.
    • 2. Tour of the basic skills that comprise it: cryptography, consensus, forks and mining.
    • 3. Use cases and specialized tools: wallets, exchanges, oracles among others.

    • 4. Overview of the current ecosystem of the Blockchain. Main challenges and future directions of this technological advance.
    • 5. Develop a Blockchain Consortium and work with smart contracts.

    2. Deepening in the legal sector and Smart Contracts.

    • 1. Perspective of the legal aspects of the Blockchain, with a main focus on Smart Contracts.
    • 2. Definition of Smart Contract, limitations and the opportunities they offer in the legal and technical field.
    • 3. Multidisciplinary study of the differences between legal and code language.

    • 4. Analysis of this new paradigm of relationships generated by new technologies. Implications and changes from an ethical and humanistic perspective.
    • 5. OpenLaw services to build relationships between Smart Legal Agreements, Ricardian Contracts and Smart Contracts.

    3. Diversification of the Blockchain, with a multidisciplinary team. Future trends and dynamics.

    • 1. Blockchain news within the legal sector. Presentation of real cases and study of the current moment.
    • 2. Discussion of the latest trends in blockchain such as: Digital Identity, Notary Acts and Property Registry.
      • 3. Correlation and application between Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. The phenomenon of chatbots.
      • 4. Develop a Smart Contract, with a multidisciplinary team.



    The program is developed in a strategic collaboration with the first blockchain consortium in Spain, Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem. With more than 600 partners in the ecosystem, it is a reference in knowledge in the blockchain ecosystem in Spain.We put at your disposal:

        • Know the business models based on Blockchain and the benefits obtained in more than a hundred companies from different sectors thanks to the largest national consortium created around this technology, Alastria.
        • Access the Alastria Alumni job board, made up of specialized companies in the sector that are looking for blockchain and legal talent.
        • Network in the leading blockchain community in Spain, being informed of the events organized and in which Alastria participates.
        • During the program, leading professionals of the firm present knowledge and experiences of interest in the field related to their profession in this matter.

    Financial Aid

    We offer credit lines and scholarships for students who may need them. We also offer financial aid for early registration under full payment.

    IMMUNE collaborates with several companies to enhance talent in technological skills. We offer aid alternatives for groups and training under agreement with companies. Possibility of allowance through FUNDAE . Our advisors may inform you about the most appropriate for your case.

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