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A panoramic and transversal vision of the Blockchain that will allow you to create Smart Contracts and apply the benefits and innovation of this technology in the legal sector. The first program that brings together top-level IT and legal professionals.

Blockchain, a transformative force in the legal industry

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November 13




IMMUNE Campus: Paseo de la Castellana 89


40 hours


Materials in English, Classes in Spanish


4 Weeks


Part Time/ Fridays 17 - 22 Hrs Saturdays 10 - 15 Hrs


  • Lawyers, Notaries, Property Registrars and other professionals in the legal field who work in offices, legal firms and public administrations
  • Consultants and auditors who give advice and collaborate with companies or projects within the legal area.
  • In-company lawyers, focused on advising and implementing projects of emerging technologies and blockchain.
  • Immune Institute


    Hand in hand with experts in Legal tech, you will be able to successfully lead the digitalization process of your company making your business and projects more efficient with Blockchain.

    From the basic fundamentals to the application of blockchain, You will acquire the key tools to familiarize yourself with this technology and the Smart Contract. The program includes the technological fundamentals and the code programming bases needed

    Working with multidisciplinary teams in which, through practical case studies and direct application, you will develop Smart Contracts. You will use agile methodologies and design thinking.

    Immune Institute


    Quality Partners

    We involve high level companies in the creation of the programs so that they are up to date and aligned with the demands of the sector.

    Resolutive and practical approach

    A learning dynamic in which practice is a fundamental axis, working on real scenarios from day one.

    Thinking beyond the scientific

    Union of humanities and technology to understand the real applications and capabilities of technological advances.

    First level academic team

    Involved in the emerging initiatives of the sector.


    Blockchain fundamentals and basic tools.

    Technical introduction to the Blockchain technology. Cryptography, consensus and mining.

    Use cases and specialized tools: wallets exchanges, oracles among others.

    General vision of the current Blockchain ecosystem. Main challenges and future directions of this technological advance.



    From IMMUNE we offer you alternative financing lines and scholarships. We also offer financial aid for early registration under full payment.

    IMMUNE collaborates with countless companies to support the development of talent in technological skills. We offer aid for groups and training under agreement with companies. There are also bonus possibilities through FUNDAE. Our advisors will be able to inform you which are the most advantageous in each case.

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