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For? Or Against?

10 | 05 | 18

The generalization of the Information Society in the last decade brings many advances in different areas, but it has a main disruptive element: for the first time in History, the same technology changes at the same time both the productive process and the way of knowledge transmission.

But … for? Or against? Great advances in humanity are always questioned by someone. Questioned in themselves, or questioned as a process. Critical thinking is an essential skill to successfully develop in the Information Society, where we can access almost any type of knowledge at the click of a mouse. So it is as important to know, as to know how to learn, mainly in the technological field where not only it is not possible to cover all knowledge, but it evolves at a vertigo rate.

In this context, coding becomes a skill with high demand in the labor market in multiple sectors. An ability to reach many that until now has not been accessible because the way of teaching has become obsolete.

The possibility of learning how to program has left the classic classrooms of the Faculty of Computing at the University, to reach anyone who has the concern to try. Because as important as knowing how to code is having the ability to identify the needs of people to think about solutions that technology can provide to satisfy them.

And this is the innovative proposal of IMMUNE, which arrives to respond to an evident business demand, to a transcendent educational challenge, and to consolidate itself as a world leader in the training of Phi-shaped professionals based on coding.

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